Bass Guitar Parts explained and where to find replacement

Bass Guitar Parts: Learn about the design of a bass guitar and Where to find parts in case you need replacement. Bass guitars are an important instrument in any band. In case you play one, over time, you’ll realize that you have preferences for certain bridges, pickups or components. In which case, it makes sense to know about the various parts of the bass guitar, their functions, and where to order replacement parts/spares.

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As with most musical instruments, over a period of time your bass will also go through wear and tear, and it may not provide the same sound quality that it used to give when it was new.

Things like humidity can also play a role in altering the basic shape and sound of the instrument.

Learn More with Every Repair

Most students focus only on the learning part (how to learn to play the bass guitar) and never look into the construction details, unless you’re faced with the situation where you have to get a part replaced.

Its only when you realize that the repair is going to cost you some money, then you look at possibilities of fixing it by yourselves. In some cases it is possible, however in certain other cases it is best left to the experts.

So if you have the inclination to learn more about the parts, spend time:

  • Knowing about the bass guitar parts
  • Watching videos that show how to replace and upgrade parts
  • Lean about the tools that you may need to get it done all by yourself
  • Can You Do it On Your Own

    You definitely can, but it also depends on whether you really want to do it.

    If you are good at using tools, like opening up things for investigation, won’t faint on seeing your guitar broken down into so many pieces, then you could be able to do it.

    You just need to know where to find the replacement parts.

    Bass Guitar Parts Diagram
    Teach Yourself Guitar

    Bass Guitar Parts

    The bass consists of three sections: The neck, the body, and the innards. The various parts of the neck and body are easy to see, but you will have to remove the cover (or covers) to get at the innards.

    • Neck: Headstock, tuning machines, nut, fingerboard, frets, strings, back of the neck
    • Body: Pickups, controls, bridge, strap pin, end pin, jack
    • Innards (guts): Truss rod, electronics, batteries

    Here are the things that you need to be aware of. The Bass Guitar & Amps have the following parts:

    Guitar Parts
    This include the body, neck, tuning machines, bridge, and other hardware parts

    Guitar Electronics
    This comprises of pickups, controls, active electronics, connectors

    Amplifier Parts
    This consists of tubes, transistors, controls, speakers

    Popular bass guitar replacement parts/spares include: Bass Neck . Bass pickups . Bass BRIDGE & TAILPIECE . Knobs (tone or volume). Bass tuners/Bass turning pegs . Bass guitar pick-guards . Bass hardware

    Whether you are repairing a bass guitar or customizing one, you will need parts that sound (and look) Now you can easily order quality guitar and bass parts – necks and bodies, pickup and bridge routs, neck profiles, frets, inlays, binding, and more.

    Order bass guitar replacement guitar parts, including pickup winding parts and DIY pickup kit. You can use these high quality, affordable, bass guitar parts for upgrading your favorite instrument – Fender, Gibson or custom made guitar.

    Bass Guitar Accessories
    These are your usual maintenance activities such as replacing strings. You also get cables, picks, tuners, straps, etc for your bass guitar.

    Tools required
    It is always handy to have tools such as side cutters, multi-meters, and soldering equipment so that you can do such activities on your own.

    Here’s a video showing the various Bass Guitar Parts.

    To Conclude

    It is a good habit to spend some time understanding the structure of your instrument as well. You also get guitar kits to help you make your own custom designed guitar. In case you already own a guitar, the bass guitar parts mentioned above are the ones that will probably need to be replaced over a period of time. You now have easy access to a wide array of quality genuine and aftermarket parts and accessories for bass guitars.

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