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Bass Guitar Amps Find Reviews of the Best Bass Guitar Amps available for different brands and for various prices

Bass Needs to Thump
When you are looking for a bass amplifier, the most important criteria to look for is that it should produce a good THUMP on the speakers.

Though expert guitarists will point out that it is not just the amps that make the final output better; it’s the instrument itself and the technique as well that matters, the fact remains that an excellent bass guitar amplifier will ensure that you get the smoothest sound from your speakers.

Bass guitar Amps Features
Needs to provide clean, good punch
Good dynamic range from low to high
Headphone jack for silent practice, and to enjoy the amp’s impressive sound quality
Portable & Affordable as per your requirements

You can tweak your tone using the various knobs – bass / mid / treble to get the sound of your liking. But since these are bass amps, you can expect the treble tones to be a bit weak on certain amplifiers

Added Advantages
Most bass players also get the added advantage of having a Direct Injection box (D.I.) included in the setup, when they buy a bass guitar amplifier. Most bass amps include D.I. features. So at times, it may make sense to go in for an amp, instead of a separate D.I.

The AUX input is another feature that you will like on these amps. It allows you to connect a CD player / mp3 player like iPod to your bass amp. So now you can listen to your favourite song through the amp and play the bass guitar on top of it.

Recommended Amplifiers

Those of you looking for a nice amp to practice, you can look at the roland microcube amplifier. Both are suitable as practice guitar amps for playing at home, and not really for bigger venues.

For comparatively bigger venues, you can have a look at the. Another options is the more powerful and one of the best solid state amp, the 75W spider guitar amplifier

Choosing a Bass Guitar Amplifier

Bass guitar amps were first used in the ’50s and ’60s, but then the earlier versions were not as efficient, and the biggest challenge was their sheer size.

Today things have changed a lot; you now get bass amps in variety of sizes with various power outputs, you also have the option of choosing a tube amp or a solid state amplifier.

  • You may choose one for practice or for a smaller venue or for a much larger venue.
  • You may choose one that is more portable or one that has built-in effects?
  • Depending on the model, the controls maybe located at the top or near the back of the amp. So choose as per your convenience. There are many who prefer the controls in the front so that they can easily reach them to adjust it.
  • Nowadays it makes more sense to get a good quality combo amp, which is comparatively more portable, as most venues (clubs, churches, bands) nowadays tend to have a pretty decent sound system. These include powered sub-woofers that provide a good low end and are powerful enough for most situations.

    For most live situations, musicians have also started using in-ear monitors as they let the sound engineers control the sound better, in which case you don’t need to carry your bass amplifier to the venue.

    The Fender Rumble Amplifiers are also quite good, and popular among musicians. Most of their models come with a Preamp out feature, which means that you can easily hook it up to a multitrack recorder or other recording device, you can also add delay, reverb or other effects into the middle of the signal. The CD input feature is particularly useful while practicing/rehearsing. You have a choice of a wide selection of bass guitar amps, so it should be easy to find what you’re looking for.

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