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Band & Orchestra Musical Instruments: Students and experienced musicians can find a wide range of band & orchestra instruments and accessories – brass, woodwind, orchestral, marching, concert and children’s instruments.

Introduction to Band & Orchestra

The best form of music to hear is when several instruments play together in harmony and synchronization, and that’s what a band / orchestra is all about. Playing an instrument with others is a great way to add music to your life; and there are many who love playing music in a band or orchestra, be it classical chamber music or peppy marching band performances.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for a student-quality instrument or an experienced professional, you’ll find a wide range of quality band & orchestra instruments and accessories. We have reviewed a wide selection of brass, woodwind, orchestral, marching, concert and children’s instruments.

The Four Families of the Orchestra

The musical instruments in an Orchestra can be categorized into four families (depending on how the instrument produces vibration).

string instruments

Orchestral Strings

String instruments, including cellos, violins, and violas from some of the most popular names in orchestra instruments, including Mendini, Yahama, and Cecilio. You will also find instrument accessories, such as resin for your bows and replacement strings. Learn more
brass instruments


Brass instruments and woodwinds are great starting instruments for younger band and orchestra students. French horns, baritones, bugles, sousaphones, trumpets, cornets, and euphoniums come in a variety of finishes and metal plating, so you can choose the right equipment recommended by the music teacher. You can even find colored trombones for maximum pep and school spirit.

wood-wind instruments

Wind & Woodwinds

Woodwind instruments include bassoons, clarinets, English horns, and oboes, to flutes, piccolos, recorders, and saxophones. You’ll also find the accessories and parts to keep your instrument clean and to protect your sound quality and investment.
drums percussion

Percussion Instruments

Band and orchestra percussion instruments include snares, basses, sticks, mallets, and accessories. For marching bands, you will also find carriers and slings that drum lines need to hold up their drums. They’re strong and reliable, freeing your hands to rap out intricate beats and drum rolls. Band and orchestra cymbals are ideal for pieces that require their colorful and dramatic splashes of sound.

Band and Orchestra Instruments Guide

Here you will find a full line of band and orchestral instruments, including brass, woodwinds, string instruments, marching and classroom musical equipment. You will find everything here – cellos, flutes, bassoons, oboes, and background brass like trombones, tubas, baritone horns, and French horns. You will also find every orchestral accessory like strings, bows, reeds, and more.

Beginners, experienced musicians, professional players can find all their band and orchestra instruments here – from student-quality instruments, through intermediate, into professional and intricate handmade masterpieces. You will also find every imaginable accessory including cases, staging, megaphones, whistles and more.

Recorders, hand drums, and xylophones are a great way to start your kids music education.

Band and orchestra music instruments

Piano & Keyboards

Keyboard Instruments

Most popular Keyboard instrument is the piano, although more and more people are owning digital pianos nowadays, as opposed to acoustic pianos. You can read all about keyboards and pianos here.

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