Audio Engineering Careers Jobs – Profile of Sound Engineer & Technician

Explore the various Audio Engineering Careers Jobs that you may take up once you have enough experience in the area of audio/sound engineering.

Do you have an ear for how sound is recorded for various audio-visual applications?

Do you get awed by the background sounds that you hear in big budget war, sci-fi or natural disaster movies and wonder how did they manage to record those sounds?

Welcome to the world of audio / sound engineering!!!

This is where the sound engineers and technicians add their magic.

And you can definitely get trained in the audio sound engineering area from a reputed school or college, if you are eager to make a career in this field.

It’s okay if don’t play any musical instrument; so long as you are passionate about sounds and music in general, you will do well in that career.

Audio Engineering Career Options

So what do you do once you have some experience in the audio/sound engineering area or if you do a course from some reputed audio engineering school/college?

Well, there are many things that you could do!

Here are some career options that you may consider in the area of sound/audio engineering.

Here are some of the Audio Engineering Careers and jobs that you can explore once you have some experience as a Sound Engineer / Technician.

  • Studio sound recordist/engineer
  • Live sound engineer
  • Mastering engineer
  • Broadcast engineer
  • Studio manager
  • Recording executive
  • Music and dialogue editor
  • Film and Location recordist
  • Audio post-production
  • Forensic Audio
  • Sports Audio
  • Audio for News and Talk Shows
  • Acoustic Design for Studios, Cinemas, Pubs, Venues
  • Acoustic Consultant
  • Please note that though you need to understand the basics of sound engineering, some of these jobs may also involve management work.

    You need to schedule time slots to clients as per the studio’s availability.
    You need to ensure that the client’s work finishes on time and all expectations are managed properly, and so on.

    Audio Engineering Careers Jobs

    Related Career Options

    Though early in your career, you will be doing one of the Audio Engineering jobs mentioned above. With experience, and if you have inclination towards creating music or entrepreneurship, you may also choose to make a career in some of the following.

  • Music producer
  • Electronic musician
  • Consultancy in Education and Careers
  • Digital media entrepreneur
  • Professional industry trainer
  • Music industry consultant
  • Final Thoughts

    Though with experience you can take up various careers as mentioned, in the earlier years a sound engineer will have to develop the capability to successfully record sounds for various purposes. Audio sound engineering job will be more to do with recording sounds, than creating or arranging music for various scenarios. Recording sounds for documentaries, videos as you see in National Geographic, Discovery, and Animal Planet could form major part of your work.

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