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Arranger Electronic Keyboard
Arranger keyboards Review: Learn more about beginner, professional arranger keyboard, home Keyboards and review of major brands.

Want to have an entire musical band at your fingertips? Play the arranger music keyboards!

Whenever you hear people talking about electronic keyboards, home keyboards or personal keyboards, it is the arranger keyboards they are referring to most of the time!

What is an Arranger Keyboard?

In simple terms, it comes with:

  • Hundreds of Sounds, also known as tones or voices (instrument sounds as well as effects)
  • Rhythm generator that produces accompaniments, also known as Rhythm or Styles (you get several based on various music genres)
  • Arranger Keyboards are also known Electronic Keyboards, Musical Keyboards or Music Keyboards.

    arranger keyboard connections
    A couple of more features, found commonly on most keyboards nowadays include:

  • Built-in Amplifier and Speakers: so that you can clearly hear the sound! You also have the option to connect headphones or connect it to external amplifiers / powered speakers.
  • MIDI, Line Ins /Outs: So that you can easily make the keyboard work with computers and other audio/video equipment.
  • Arranger Keyboards can be further categorised in various slots, more common ones include:

    Digital Pianos: Full-sized keyboards with weighted keys that feel like the keys an acoustic piano. These can also have several accompaniments, voices & effects, and some of these are also known as Ensemble Pianos.

    Stage Pianos / Synthesizers: The accompaniments on these are slightly different, they are referred to as pattern sequencers or arpeggiators, and you need to make your own accompaniments using these.

    For most beginners, amateurs, as well as in certain countries, Casio and Yamaha are the two brands that are quite popular.

    Casio is one of the most popular manufacturers of entry level keyboards and that is the reason you will also find a lot of people calling the keyboards as Casio, though it is the name of a brand.

    Same applies to Yamaha as well, though it tends to be a bit more expensive than Casio.

    Yamaha keyboards vs Casio keyboards: Compare these Major Brands!

    When it comes to professional arrangers though, the choice is usually between Yamaha and Korg. Professional Keyboards however, are different beasts altogether.

    Popularity of Music Keyboards

    But whatever be the term you may use, the fact is that it is one of the most popular musical instruments among a large section of people!

    And what is the reason for it?

    Hundreds of sounds and built-in rhythms! You can choose any instrument that you like – piano, flute, guitar, violin, drums, special effects…almost anything you like!

    Arranger keyboards have built-in accompaniments/rhythms, which are combinations of backing instrument sounds like drums, bass, piano, guitar, brass and strings.

    Just select an accompaniment and play a melody on top of it. You are playing the entire song all by yourself!

    To top it all, there’s a wide range of music keyboards that are available. You can always start on an inexpensive mini arranger keyboard and go up all the way to professional arrangers

    This is the reason arranger musical keyboards are so popular among young beginner piano players as well as adults looking for an electronic keyboard piano.

    Arranger Music Keyboard

    Portable Musical Keyboard Reviews

    Musical Styles

    Musical styles and accompaniments on electronic keyboards are one of the major attractions on keybords. An arranger keyboard is called so precisely because of the various built-in musical styles and because it lets you create interesting arrangements by the use of buttons like Start, Stop, Intro, Ending and Fill-ins. These buttons add variations to the built-in styles to make them sound realistic.

    arranger keyboard musical styles

    The Piano accompaniments, also known as styles, & fingered modes on piano keyboards fit musical genres such as Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Latin, Country, Jazz, Techno and more. These styles let you focus on your playing while enjoying a full musical performance.

    The more advanced arranger keyboards comes with hundreds of top quality sounds, styles, and effects, has the feature to display lyrics, and has a huge song database. You can even record/create your own musical styles on electronic piano keyboards

    It even lets you connect a microphone so that you can sing as you play and the vocal processing effects can be applied to the vocals to give it a totally different class.

    Basically, the top of the line arranger keyboard gives all the ammunition to a live performer to dazzle the audience.

    Best Music Keyboard Lessons for Beginners using Demo Songs

    Guided Lighted Keyboards

    Keyboard manufacturers are going all the way to ensure that learning to play keyboards becomes much easier for you all.

    With all the voices and styles, you already have everything at your finger-tips to sound like a one man orchestra but with guided light keys, learning becomes quicker.

    Children and young adults will like this feature where the keys light up and wait for you so that you know which key you should be pressing while playing any of the built-in songs.

    Lighted Music Keyboards – Easy to Learn…

    Number of Keys

    All the digital pianos have the same number of keys as an acoustic one i.e. 88 keys! Electronic Keyboards on the other hand come in various sizes; you will get keyboards with 88, 76, 61, 49, 37, even lesser number of keys.

    If you are planning to buy your first electronic keyboard, I would recommend that you go in for at-least a 61-key musical keyboard (5 octaves).

    You can even go in for lesser number of keys but very soon you will realize the limitations of that. With 61 keys, you can easily carry on for a couple of years, even more.

    If you are sure that you want to focus on Classical and are willing to spend extra, you should spend more time looking for a Piano/Digital Piano instead of an electronic keyboard.

    You may even start on an inexpensive 76 Key Piano Keyboards, though it is best if you go in for a 88-key piano keyboard, if you are looking for a cost effective alternative to a real piano

  • Piano Keyboard Action – Synth, Weighted, Graded Hammer
  • Your 88 Keyboard Keys Piano may need external speakers / amps…
  • Portable Piano Keyboard – Lightweight and Easy to Carry
  • Cost and Quality

    As always these two factors are related, and will move in the same direction!

    To give you a fair idea about the costs of musical keyboards… you can find keyboards for less than $200 USD and it can go as high as above $4000 USD! But it does not mean that the one costing 200 dollars is of no use. It is just that the users of those two electronic keyboards would be totally different.

    Piano Keyboard Price – How much does a good music keyboard cost?

    If you are buying an arranger keyboard in the lower price range, of course you would be a beginner who will need to spend time learning to play the instrument. Accordingly, the keyboard will give you all the basic features but will compromise on the quality of the sound, speakers and some of the advanced features.

    I guess you should be perfectly ok with that if you are a beginner; you just need to concentrate on learning as of now!

    Musical Keyboards in the higher price range are meant for professionals who are going to get paid for what they are doing. They will be using their gear for performing on stage or for recording their stuff.

    In either case, you need the best possible sound with loads of features. All that will definitely come with a premium and that’s why such electronic keyboards cost a bomb!

    Hopefully you will reach that enviable position someday!

    Keyboard Accessories

    You’ll also need to spare some budget for accessories, some of which are really useful. These are needed to keep your instrument safe, to help you play the piano better, and to get the best out of your keyboard instrument.

    Though there are many accessories that you will need as you become better as a keyboard player, to begin with, a keyboard stand for your 61 key keyboard and a good sustain pedal (in case you want to learn piano) is something that you should consider buying.

    You can check out the list of piano accessories & supplies here.

    The Various Brands

    The major players in the digital arranger keyboard market include Yamaha, Casio, Korg, and Roland.

    Find the Best Portable Music Keyboard Reviews here…

    Here are some of the recommended electronic keyboards / arranger keyboard series that you may find interesting.

    At first look, a keyboard looks more complicated than it actually is because of all those buttons and sliders. A piano on the other hand looks easier to the eye though most of the features of a keyboard are now available in a Digital Piano as well.

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