Akai Pro MPK mini MKII 25-Key USB Keyboard Controller

Review of Akai Pro MPK Mini 25 Key USB ControllerAkai Pro MPK Mini MKII 25-Key USB Controller keyboard reviewed here. An upgraded version, the compact size makes this controller more portable and it easily fits in a laptop bag allowing you to perform and create music anywhere. In addition to the several features, the Akai MPK Mini also features a thumbstick for pitch and mod control.

The Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII is a compact 25-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller that gives you complete command over most computer-based digital audio workstations & sequencers.

Its useful for writing sessions, capturing ideas and for studio use, and works with nearly all music creation software.

  • PROS: portable sturdy, several pads & buttons
  • CONS: smaller keys

This USB keyboard controller is perfect for quickly entering notes and phrases into your computer, the velocity-sensitive keys allow you to accurately express dynamics. You can do much more with this controller such as easily shift the notes an Octave Up and Down by just pressing a button, create music in different time signatures and create interesting patterns with the built-in Arpeggiator.

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Here are the main features of the Akai Pro MPK Mini MKII:

  • 25-key, 8-pad, 8-knob USB MIDI keyboard controller
  • 8 backlit, velocity-sensitive MIDI drum pads
  • Eight Q-Link knobs for controlling virtually any MIDI-assignable parameters in software
  • Plug-and-play USB connection for Mac and PC; no driver installation required.
  • USB-powered; no additional power cable/supply needed
  • Sustain button, octave up and down, and tap tempo controls for more flexibility
  • Perfect for popular recording software such as Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Studio One, Reaper, Digital Performer, Ableton, etc

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Here’s what users have to say about this product:

  • The build quality is not bad considering the size and price
  • It has velocity sensitive keys, press a key just a little bit, it will be a soft sound, and if you press it hard, you’ll get a nice loud sound.
  • The keys feel solid and durable, and not like a toy keyboard.

Review of Akai Pro MPK Mini 25 Key USB Controller


The Akai Pro MPK Mini MKII comes with several buttons, knobs and pads that makes it easy to provide “hands-on” performance and production control, no matter where you’re creating your music.

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