Acoustic Guitars vs Electric Guitars

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This is one question that gets asked often, and almost by every beginner. What should the buy – an Acoustic Guitar or Electric Guitar?

Here are some pros and cons of each (with a bit on how they evolved):

  1. The acoustic guitar is definitely among the earliest type that was invented, the electrics came long after. Despite the popularity of electric guitars, acoustic are still alive, and always will be.
  2. Anyone who understands the basics of the fretboard should be able to play both – electric or acoustic. Most experienced guitar players own both, though each of them have their own preferences.
  3. Electrics gives you lot of control over what sort of tone you want to get out of the guitar. You can select from a range of pickups, capacitors, pedals, whammy bars, Pignoses to Mesa Boogies, to get the sound you desire.

    Acoustic vs electric Guitar in country music

  4. You may have the most beautiful & expensive acoustic guitar, but you’re not going to take it out to the campfire or put a pickup in the soundhole and run it through an amp by way of a distortion pedal. The happiest acoustic guitars are the comparatively cheaper ones (Yamaha, Takamine, Washburn), people don’t mind taking these out for camping or for small gigs. Its different with the electric guitars though, as guitar players love to show them-off. Other people get to look at them, push their buttons, and most of the time their owners are fine with others doing that.
  5. You cannot alter the sound of the Acoustic guitar much, probably a bit by changing the strings. Its also difficult to fiddle with the build of the acoustic, Nobody would try altering the various removable parts on their Collings, or strip the finish from their Brazilian Rosewood acoustic.
  6. What should children start learning on – acoustic or electric guitar? Again, it depends on what they like. However, make sure they don’t spend their entire time just fiddling with the various controls/electronics, instead of practicing, if they choose an electric.

More Things to Keep in Mind

  • When buying a Guitar with Strings, make sure the action of their guitar is not too high. High action is hard for finger pressing.
  • Also think about the thinner neck which is easy for kids to hold and move finger through the fretboard.
  • If possible, choose nylon string guitar because the nylon strings are softer than steel strings. But nylon string guitars have different tone from steel string guitars; just make sure you like the sound.
  • Electric guitars are also easy to learn for their lower action and thinner neck than acoustic guitars. But you need to buy an amp for electric guitar and that means more money to spend.

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