Acoustic Guitar vs Electric Guitar: Which one should you start learning on?

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Acoustic Guitar vs Electric Guitar: Which one is easier to play and which one should you start learning on?

Usually, its observed that most kids and teens (the younger lot) love the sound of the electric guitar and want to start learning the electric guitar, whereas the matured lot (older men and women) prefer the soothing sound of the acoustic guitar and prefer learning to play the acoustic/classical guitar.

How the Sound is Produced?

An acoustic guitar produces rich & mellow sounds and doesn’t require amps to create an audible sound without amps, whereas the electric ones require amplifiers (which adds to the cost).

Which One is Easier to Play?

An acoustic guitar is comparatively harder to play (physically) because of the relatively heavier gauge strings, the higher action and wider neck.

Which One to Choose: Acoustic Guitar or Electric Guitar

What you choose depends on your personal preferences and the style of music you like to play (though your family members & the neighborhood are not going to like it, if you practice or jam with friends at home, on electric guitars :).

Most experienced guitar players & teachers suggest that if you seriously want to learn guitar, then acoustic is a better choice. It’s hard to learn initially, but later on, it makes it much easier to shift to other types such as the electric guitar.

Children love the sound of an electric guitar, these have a much different sound (compared to an acoustic) and require an amplifier to get the full sound.

But then, they are likely to get distracted with the various special sound effects available on the electric versions. Students should spend more time learning to play rather than fiddle with the various settings of the amplifiers (on electric guitars) all the time (parents should take note of this factor).

Most grownup kids usually start on an acoustic guitar before moving to an electric (though there’s no hard and fast rule as such). However, if you (or your child) want to start learning the electric guitar, nothing should stop you either.

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