Best Acoustic Guitar Amps Compared

Acoustic Guitar Amp. Most experienced guitar players would agree that you need a dedicated acoustic amp (something that doesn’t add its own color) to get the best sound from your acoustic guitar. Here we take a look at the Best Acoustic Guitar Amps available for different brands and for various prices.

Acoustic Guitar Amps

While most electric guitar amps do add their own sonic colors to the tone of the guitar, the best acoustic guitar amps actually faithfully reproduces your acoustic guitars sound. The resulting sound is transparent, loud yet crisp and clear; they sound more ‘wooden’ and reproduce minute details of your playing.

Best Acoustic Guitar Amps Reviews

Here, we take a look at the popular acoustic guitar amplifiers. Other factors like portability, aesthetics, build quality, built-in effects, EQ, road worthiness, etc. have also been considered.

AER Domino 3 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp (100W)

If you’re a pro guitar player, look no further than this for your acoustic guitar. AER is a famous brand, their amps are not cheap, but they provide excellent acoustic amplification, and offers portability as well.

Roland AC-90 Acoustic Guitar Amp

Roland amps are quite popular among guitarists for its clear tone, and the AC-90 (features 2 8-inch speakers) is a popular acoustic guitar amp. Great, crisp amplification and modern look. More features include phantom anti-feedback, useful effects like delay and reverb. It offers great performance in any situation including busking, to weekend gigs, to studio recording.

Fishman PRO-LBX-600 Loudbox Artist

Fishman is a popular brand that makes electronics for guitars. The Loudbox Artist is a popular, and reasonably priced acoustic guitar amp that provides fantastic acoustic tones, with minimal feedback issues. Comes with two effect sections, more features include EQ, gain and anti-feedback. Classy wooden finish.

Alternatively, you could also look at the Fishman Loudbox Mini Acoustic Instrument Amplifier, which is one notch lower than the artist version.

Roland Micro Cube Guitar Amp

The Roland Micro Cube is a compact amp that can run even on batteries. Packing a big punch, it comes with six DSP effects, COSM Amp Modeling and a Digital Tuning Fork.

Best Acoustic Guitar Amps: Factors to Consider

Get a Rich Sound
The tone produced by an acoustic guitar is different from the other types of guitars, so it has to be treated differently if you want to amplify it.

An Acoustic guitar amplifier needs to provide a flat response, add no color, and produce a nice warm sound, which is a must for any acoustic guitar player. A good amp is responsible for getting a rich sound from your acoustic, which may otherwise sound tinny or hardly inaudible if you were to use a cheap amp.

If you play your acoustic guitar directly through a PA, it’s quite possible that your pickup / guitar may produce some nasty amplification frequencies. Routing your guitar through an amp / D.I. definitely helps.

Acoustic Guitar Amp Features
Some of the good acoustic guitar amps act as a “Direct Injection” (D.I.) box, which basically takes takes an unbalanced signal and converts it to a balanced signal so that you get a fine tuned sound which can then be passed to the PA.

The various knobs on these amps help you to control bass, treble, and help you to fine tune your sound by eliminating feedback. You can customize your sound to suit the venue where you will be performing.

A good acoustic guitar amplifier will make your sound come alive irrespective of the pickup and guitar that is being used, and will sound great even if the PA system isn’t that great.

You may use these amps for vocals as well (as a pre-amp), though there are some better pre-amps for vocals out there.

Know Your Guitar Amp
You will need to spend some time with your acoustic guitar amp to hear how the various controls impact the sounds. Once you know what sounds better, you just have to make minor adjustments whenever you intend to perform. So it is good use of your time to know your acoustic guitar amp.

Here’s a video that explains the advantages of an acoustic amplifier. See for yourself how a dedicated acoustic amp enhances the sound of an acoustic guitar as compared to a regular guitar amp.

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Recommended Amplifiers

Those of you looking for a nice amp to practice, you can look at the fender mustang electric guitar amp or the slightly powerful roland microcube amplifier. Both are suitable as practice guitar amps for playing at home, and not really for bigger venues.

For comparatively bigger venues, you can have a look at the 40W Fender Mustang guitar amp. Another options is the more powerful and one of the best solid state amp, the 75W spider guitar amplifier

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