Top Acoustic Bass Guitars: Reviews

Acoustic Bass Guitar guide and reviews of the best brands/models out there. The difference between an acoustic and an electric bass is that the electric bass requires an amplifier. You can have some serious low-end fun with one of these acoustic bass guitars, even when they are not plugged in. Perfect as an accompaniment and towards the softer side of the audio spectrum, an acoustic bass is a great way to jam with a guitarist. While acoustic bass are quite popular among players, many prefer to own an acoustic-electric bass which allows them to play via an amplifier if need be. Checkout this best acoustic bass guitar on Amazon.

Best Acoustic Bass Guitars: Reviews

Here we take a look at the best acoustic bass guitars (including acoustic-electric ones):

Breedlove Solo Acoustic-Electric Bass (with Gig Bag)
Rich, resonant tone. LR Baggs Element pickup, Breedlove LR-TCV preamp. Gives you total control over the tone.

Breedlove acoustic bass guitars

Ibanez PCBE12MH Acoustic Bass
Mahogany top, back, and sides, projects rich, balanced tone. Great for practicing at home, or for playing on stage, or in the recording studio.

Dean EAB Acoustic-Electric Bass
An entry level acoustic-electric bass that sounds good either wasy – acoustic or plugged-in. On-board electronics lets you tweak your sound.

Acoustic Bass: Guide

The acoustic bass guitar is like a traditional acoustic guitar, a full hollow body that sounds great even without the amplifier.

The first modern acoustic bass guitar was developed in the early 1960s by Ernie Ball, who wanted to provide bass guitarists with a more acoustic sounding instrument that would match better with the sound of acoustic guitars. Though its commonly used in folk music and country music, you will also find Acoustic bass guitars used in pop and rock.

The acoustic bass guitar is a bass instrument with a hollow wooden body (similar to an acoustic guitar) and is usually somewhat lengthier than a steel string acoustic guitar. A steel strung acoustic bass guitar is louder and sounds brighter than a classical guitar.

Bass guitars are constructed from different materials, the better ones use solid top, back and sides. Normally cedar and spruce are used for making the solid wood tops. Back and sides are often made from mahogany, maple or rosewood.

The acoustic bass guitar commonly has four strings, which are normally tuned E A D G (tuned an octave below the lowest four strings of the 6 string guitar).

The most popular acoustic bass guitars are the acoustic-electric ones, which contain built-in pickups and all the electronics so that it can be heard through an amplifier or mixer. You can use these powered-up or unplugged. You can even choose between a fretted or fretless bass. Acoustic electric basses have pickups, either magnetic or piezoelectric or both, so that they can be heard/amplified using an instrument amplifier (can be difficult to hear an acoustic bass guitar without an amplifier when playing with other musicians).

Entry-level acoustic bass guitars, suited more for beginners, generally use laminated wood. In the mid range, acoustic bass guitars may have a combination of solid parts, often solid top and laminated woods.

You can choose a bass guitar styled after a dreadnought guitar or a classical one, or opt for a cutaway design that improves your access to the frets closest to the soundhole. Acoustic bass guitars are also available in a variety of finishes.

Here are some characteristics of this musical instrument:
Acoustic Bass Guitar

  • The acoustic bass guitar is a bass instrument with a hollow wooden body
  • Also known as ABG or acoustic bass
  • Can be difficult to hear an acoustic bass guitar without an amplifier, hence most acoustic basses have pickups that they can be amplified with a bass amp.
  • The acoustic bass is basically a cross between an electric bass and an acoustic guitar. It is held and played like an electric bass, though it produces sound the same way as an acoustic guitar.

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    1. Breedlove acoustic bass guitars. Play it plugged in or acoustically. Includes built-in USB port for easy interfacing with recording software.

      Acoustic bass by Helios Guitars

      Spector Timbre Acoustic Bass

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