Keyboard Manuals / Instruction Manuals: Find Them Online

Find keyboard manuals / instruction manuals online for electronic keyboard, synthesizer, organ and digital keyboard piano. Check this place out if you have lost your keyboard user manual. A user manual helps you learn a lot more about your keyboard instrument, and its several features.

You Need User Manual

If you have bought a new digital piano/keyboard, you should get the keyboard user manual along with your instrument… but if you have bought a used one and if unfortunately you do not get one along with it then you have a problem.

Fortunately for you, keyboard instruction manuals are available online for most of the models and you can download them for free. Normally, it is a PDF file which you can download and print it out for easy reference.

Read Your Piano Keyboard User Manuals

Whatever piano keyboard you may have bought – Yamaha, Casio, Korg, or
Roland, you need to spend some time reading your user manual before you start using your piano-keyboard.

Though it is fact that we all rarely do it!

You will need to read the user manual especially if you intend to connect your keyboard to external electronic equipments or to a Computer.

You will have to refer to the Keyboard manuals when you want to do any of the following:

  • Power Adapter – If you are using a used keyboard and if you do not have the original power adapter provided by the keyboard manufacturer then you will have to refer to the manual to see what it says about the voltage requirement.

  • External amplifiers – If you want to connect your keyboard to external amplifiers to get that extra punch, it will be a good idea to refer to the user guide to get an idea of how to do it safely.

  • MIDI – If you want to connect your keyboard or Digital Piano to the Computer, please refer to the user guide. More than safety, the issue here could be that if you do it wrongly, you will be scratching your head for a long time to figure out what has gone wrong.

Where To Get Keyboard User Manuals From?

All the keyboard manufacturers have Keyboard User Manuals for all their models at their official websites. You can go to their site and download any manual you want.

If you do not find one for any specific model at their website, you can try out the various search engines. You will surely find it somewhere on the internet.

If you do not get it on the internet, then your best bet would be to directly contact the keyboard manufacturer; you will have to get it from there spare parts department.

If you visit any of the keyboard manufacturer’s official websites, you will find the “Contact us” link, where you can post your request. You will surely get one copy from them.

Useful Links For Piano Keyboard Instruction Manuals

Here are some of the links where you can try to find and download your keyboard instruction manual.

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