88-Key Weighted Keyboard Reviews

88 Key Weighted Keyboard An 88 key weighted keyboard solves the several challenges associated with upright and grand pianos, such as space and cost. There are many who prefer the portable nature of these keyboards, which makes it easy to use them in the studio or on the stage, and perfectly suits those who play the piano.

Why Weighted Keys Keyboard?

So why would anybody be interested in a keyboards with weighted keys, when you can buy an inexpensive upright digital piano (there are some budget ones as well).

There are a few reasons for that.


The first reason is portability. You may want something which you can be carried out easily.

This is perfect for users such as college students who have grown up playing on the piano at home. They may want a keyboard that can easily be shuttled between the college hostel and home.

Learning to Play Piano

There are many who get started on the keyboards, playing with accompaniments, and there are many who just start on a keyboard controller (because they are more interested in creating music).

Somewhere down the line these guys realize the importance of improving their keyboard skills, and get interested in playing in the piano style.

That is when they start thinking of buying a piano.

Challenges of a Real Piano

There are several advantages of going for a digital piano over an acoustic one, but then even a digital piano is nowadays available in various styles, such as portable, upright and grands.

Though buying an upright or grand piano is definitely an option, the challenges around space and cost still remain. And that is why many choose to go in for a portable option.

Suits Professionals

The more serious keyboard players and professionals, who enjoy playing the piano, love to have a portable board that can be easily used in the studio or stage, as the requirement demands.

And since they prefer piano style keys, an 88 Key weighted keyboard is much more convenient options to them.

Spoilt for Choice

When it comes to buying 88 key weighted keyboards, you are definitely spoilt for choices as can be seen from the number of options that are available.

You do get models that come with plain piano sounds, without any bells and whistles, that is suitable for students and for practicing.

On the other hand you get models that come fully loaded with synth features, that is perfect for performing on the stage, or for recordings in the studio.

88 Key Weighted Keyboard

To Conclude

One of the many advantages of digital technology is that it has made things portable, and the same applies to piano as well. A digital piano is much more portable than an acoustic one, and also has several features that make it a complete entertainment system and / or a music producing equipment. And now you also have the option of owning an 88 Key weighted keyboard that comes with real piano like keys.

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