88-key keyboard Reviews: Digital Pianos, Synths & Controllers

Read reviews of the best 88-key keyboards. Choose from a range of Digital Pianos, Synths & midi Controllers. Suitable for those who prefer to play the piano and/or for recording purposes.


An 88 key keyboard is perfect for those:

  • Who want an affordable piano to practice classical music/paino
  • Who want a performance keyboard but with 88-weighted keys
  • Who want a controller for their studio to play the piano, with weighted keys.

A digital piano-keyboard with 88 keys can be an alternative to a piano because you do get graded hammer action keys nowadays.

88 Key Keyboard

Certain musical pieces, especially in classical music, need a keyboard with more than 61 piano keys.

So if you are more inclined towards classical music, the best option would be to go in for an electronic keyboard with 88 keys.

Digital Pianos


MIDI Controllers

Best 88-Key MIDI Controller Keyboards

Authentic Piano Feel

Although a 76 key keyboard can be lighter and portable, the keys of most of these keyboards with 88 keys have that authentic piano touch.

In their quest to get that perfect piano touch in a portable keyboard, most of these keyboards tend to be heavy.

But then an 88-key keyboard is the best alternative to an acoustic piano, both in terms of the sound quality as well as the touch.

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Realistic Sounds

88 key electronic keyboards generally use the best piano samples and built-in amplifiers so the sounds produced by these keyboards are just too good.

Lot of these models are targeted towards the gigging artist so these are packed in with a lot of power.

You may or may not get built-in musical styles depending on the model that you have chosen.

88 Key Electronic Keyboard

Best Digital Piano Reviews


To make them lighter and portable, some of the 88 key keyboards may not come with built-in speakers so you will need to buy external speakers to play them.

Other piano accessories like Adapters, Stands, Cases, Headphones and Pedals are available, which you will need to make your piano playing more enjoyable.

Since these keyboards are comparatively heavier, the normal soft cases will not be good enough. You will need to consider the rigid cases which are specially meant for such keyboards.

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Listening to Your 88-Key Piano

The sound from your 88-keys keyboard piano may be good for personal use, but in some cases the piano keyboard may not come with speakers at all. In that case, you’ll need external amplifiers to get the necessary audio from the Keyboard (these’re usually pro keyboards).

Ever thought of connecting your 88 key piano-Keyboard to external speakers? Here is why and how to do it.

Most of the electronic keyboards, 88 keys or lesser, have built-in amplifiers and speakers and the sound produced by them depends on this amplifier. For your personal use, the sound produced may be decent enough but if you need to play for an audience then you will need external amplification.

Best keyboard amplifiers

Connect To Your Home Sound System
If you are not satisfied with the built-in speakers of your keyboard, you can still make them sound better without going in for the external amplifiers.

Just connect your instrument to your home sound system; to one of the Aux inputs of your home system. Even a not so expensive instrument sounds really good when connected to your home system.

Use Headphones
One good thing about electronic keyboards is that all of them come with a headphone jack.

So if you want to play at some odd hour, just put on your headphones and start practicing.

Some instruments have two headphone jacks, just in case you want to jam with your friend or teacher.

Use External Keyboard Amplifiers
If you want to use your “88 Keyboard Piano” for stage performance, you do not have a choice but to use external amplification for your sound.

When you decide to go in for external Amplifiers make sure that you buy dedicated keyboard combos and do not use the guitar amps or some other amps.

In terms of output, look for combo amps with at least 60 watts power. This will give you a decent output. And to take full advantage of the stereo capabilities of your keyboard, make sure you go in for a pair of amps!

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Various Brands

There are a lot of manufacturers in the market who make keyboards with 88 keys.

These 88 key keyboards are also known by a lot of other names such as stage pianos, portable pianos, and piano keyboards.

Almost all the big players in the market manufacture them. Yamaha, Casio, Korg, Roland, are just few of the brands which you can explore.

The cost of these piano keyboards will differ based on the features offered, the quality of the sound, and the piano key action.

An 88 key keyboard is also known as a piano length keyboard since an acoustic piano has 88 keys. It is also known as 7 and a half Octave keyboard. One octave contains 12 keys (7 white plus 5 black) so this makes it basically a 7 and a half Octave keyboard.

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