61 Key Keyboard: Musical Keyboard for Serious Beginners & Pros

Learn about the various types of 61 key keyboards available to you. If you’re a beginner, this is very likely to be your first musical keyboard. You can choose from a variety of 61 key keyboards (Arrangers, Synths/Workstations & Controllers). Suitable for students who want to buy their first digital music keyboard, and for professionals who want a compact keyboard for performing/recording.

61 key keyboard

Arrangers/Personal Keyboards

When it comes to home keyboards, Casio & Yamaha are the market leaders, though there are a couple of other names as well, but nothing that offers the variety that these two brands offer.

As you can see, there are several choices, with the CTK and PSR series having some high-end arrangers if you’re willing to pay more.


In this category, its a mix of several brands, with Yamaha, Korg, Roland, Nord, Kurzweil being the more popular ones.

MIDI Controllers

These are used primarily in music production, and the more popular brands include Akai & M-Audio.

All set to buy a 61 key music keyboard? A portable digital keyboard with 61 keys is what you will need if you want to seriously learn the musical keyboard.

When I say seriously, it means learning to play the electronic keyboard with both the hands.

With a 61 key keyboard, you should be able to play a lot of songs and musical pieces of considerable complexity. It should keep you busy for a long time!

Get At Least 61 Keys

Besides the standard 61 key (5 Octave) electronic keyboards, you do get keyboards with lesser number of keys (Casio makes them) but then your learning will be limited to playing with your right hand only.

You cannot use your left hand to play the chords, which is not a very good thing to do.

So, get at least a 61-key keyboard if you are serious about your keyboard playing!

You can find some good 61 key keyboards for as low as 200 dollars, including some easy-to-learn lighted music keyboards

Musical Styles And Sounds

With these electronic keyboards, you will get hundreds of musical styles and sounds.

So after you know a few songs, you can play them with a variety of musical styles, ranging from classical to modern. You should be able to impress a lot of people with these styles and sounds.

These keyboards will even contain a basic sequencer to let your record your song, so just let your imagination go wild.

Note: It is always better to listen to ALL the sounds on a music keyboard before you decide to buy. To provide a realistic background accompaniment, you will need sounds that are authentic, full and rich.

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Other Features to Look For

Here are some other features that can be useful to have in your 61 key keyboard. So check if the music keyboard has what you need.

  • Does the keyboard support external storage like Floppy disk, USB or Smartcard…so that you can load and save songs and styles?
  • Is the keyboard’s sound good enough for you or will you need a Keyboard Amplifier?
  • Almost every keyboard comes with a built-in sequencer nowadays. You need to check how many tracks does it support? Do you need a 2-track recorder, 5-track recorder or more?
  • Is the display big enough, well lit and easy to read? Is it easy to locate the various functions on the display? Can you easily activate them?
  • Keyboard Accessories

    Piano Accessories like Power Adapters, Stands, Cases, Bags, Headphones, Dust Covers and Pedals are available, which can be bought.

    Though an Power Adapter is needed to switch your keyboard on, I feel the other accessories can be bought later as needed.

    For beginners, sustain pedals may not be required unless you want to play piano style. You can consider buying a keyboard stand and a keyboard bag as it gives you the option to move around your keyboard.

    Do you prefer practicing at odd times? How about getting a good pair of headphones?

    Various Brands

    There are a lot of manufacturers in the market who make good musical keyboards. For this size keyboard, you can explore Yamaha keyboards and Casio keyboards, these being the more popular ones when it comes to beginner keyboards.

    Check out Casio’s CTK-series, Yamaha’s PSR-series

    You may even explore Korg keyboards, and
    Roland keyboards if you already know a bit about keyboards.

    Korg PA series, Roland’s E-series have some of the popular 61 key arranger keyboards. Check out pro arranger keyboards, if that’s what you’re looking for.

    The cost of the music keyboard models in these series will differ based on the features offered as well as on the quality of the sound. You can get a rough idea of keyboard & piano prices here.

    By the way, a keyboard with 61 keys is also known as a 5-Octave keyboard. One octave contains 12 keys (7 white plus 5 black) so this makes it basically a 5 Octave keyboard (the one extra key is ignored).

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