3 Best Music Keyboard Workstation

The 3 best music keyboard workstation for professionals. The ultimate keyboards for studio work as well for performing on stage.

Looking for a workstation keyboard that can truly “do it all”? Here are keyboard workstations that will surely challenge your thoughts as to what a workstation keyboard is capable of doing. It is not really easy for keyboards to perform the role of both a stage and studio instrument, but these pro keyboards are capable of doing well in both areas.

You will find thousands of authentic and sophisticated sounds, which can be easily accessed and adjusted quickly on the fly. These are also equipped with a powerful sequencer that supports both MIDI and audio recording. Besides, the various knobs and sliders make it easier to navigate and control than most computer-based software.

61-Key Workstations / Synths

These come with huge soundset, tons of arps, real-time controls, onboard sampling and serious DAW integration, and many more features.

Roland FA-06 Music Workstation Keyboard
Huge selection of sounds, 16-track sequencer, easy-to-use sampler, and more.

Roland FA-06 demo

Buy Roland FA-06

Yamaha MOXF6 Keyboard Synthesizer
Loaded with Motif XF sounds and effects, useful performance tools, hundreds of preset performances, 4-in/2-out USB audio interface, and more.

Roland FA-06 demo

Buy Yamaha MOXF6

Here are a couple of more options but these are more of synths and have limited production features.

88-Key Synthesizers and Workstations

These are full-featured music creation machines. These also offer everything you need to perform in any style of keyboard playing. These come with 88 weighted keys, and are built for any occasion.

Kronos 8 Music Workstation Keyboard
88 hammer-action keys, Berlin Grand piano and many more sounds, its loadedwith features for any show or session.

Kronos 8 demo

Buy Kronos 8

Korg Krome-88 Keyboard Workstation
A full featured music creation keyboard, it also features hundreds more gig-worthy sounds. Comes with fully-weighted 88-keys.

Watch: Korg Krome-88 demo

Buy Korg Krome-88

Here are a couple of more options.

More Pro Arranger Keyboard Workstations

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