Best Kids 3/4 Electric Guitar Reviews

3/4 Electric Guitar ReviewsKids 3/4 Electric Guitar Reviews: These are great for introducing kids to music, is easier to hold and play due to the smaller size. A three-quarter electric guitar is a great first guitar for beginners, and even a great addition to the guitar line-up ofadults who want something as a back up and something more portable. The better ones have all the features and electronics that you find on full length guitar, except that the length is shorter. A 3/4 sized guitar is also referred to as ‘mini’, ‘traveler’, or ‘short scale’ guitar. Skip to the best 3/4 electric guitar on Amazon

Best 3/4 Electric Guitars

A 3/4 sized guitar is just about the right size for kids aged around 8 years and older. However, as electric guitars are a bit easier to handle (compared to acoustic guitars), a slightly younger child should also be able to handle a 3/4 size electric guitar without any issues.

Besides, a 3/4 size electric guitar sounds better than a half size guitar. Also, there are lots of options in three-fourth guitars compared to half size guitars.

Here are some good options when it comes to three-fourth electric guitars:

Squier by Fender “Mini” Strat Beginner Electric Guitar (3/4 Mini Guitar)

Ideal travel guitar for players of all ages and a great first guitar for young beginners.

The Squier Mini features a shorter scale length of 22.75 inch scale length (a full size Stratocaster has 25.5 inch scale length). This shorter scale length as well as a shorter reach between frets provides kids with a easier playing experience. A thinner body profile makes the instrument lighter.

The Squier Mini boasts a traditional three single-coil set up (for bright tone) with 5-way switching. The Squier Mini guitar replaces the traditionally equipped Floating Tremolo system (found on most Stratocasters) with a Vintage-Inspired Hard Tail bridge (makes set up and maintenance a breeze, provides greater sustain).

Ranging in color and hue, Rosewood typically contains deep rich browns with possible highlights of orange, green, purple, and yellow. Lots of features, sounds like a full size guitar. Comes with a complete package.

Squier Mini Strat | A Rockin’ Mini Electric Guitar

Junior Kids Mini 3/4 Electric Guitar Package

Perfect for Young Guitarists, the fret scaling is precise and it sounds like a full size guitar. Comes with a complete package. Even though it comes with everything, the accessories are not of the best quality though, which is understandable as is reflected in the low price.

As with most other musical instruments, you can find great offers “online” on 3/4 size guitars!

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3/4 Electric Guitars: Guide

A three-quarter size doesn’t really mean that the tone is anything toy-like. The shortened scale-length, body size and lightweight designs allow younger players to focus on technique, without being overwhelmed by the size of a full-size instrument.

These are also great for experienced guitar players, who want a more compact (yet better quality) electric guitar for travel (something that is easier to take around).

Here are some of the best ones (from brands like Epiphone, Ibanez, and more) to get them started young. Most of these are kids guitar packs that include everything (amps, accessories) for them to get going.

Three Quarter vs Full Size
Though your grown-up child could be insisting on a full-sized guitar, its best to go for a slightly smaller sized one, so that they can hold them comfortably and be able to play them using the right technique.

Remember, you get quality guitars with reasonably good tone in these sizes as well.

For instance, most manufacturers who make full size as well as 3/4 guitars, provide the same number of frets (usually 22) on both these types.

The only difference being, the three-quarter one will have a shorter scale length.

Otherwise, the construction of these guitars are quite robust, similar to their full-sized counterparts.

These are suitable for children who are in the “eight to twelve” age-group.

For those who are older, a full size electric guitar would make more sense.

And for those who are younger, a half-size electric guitar would make more sense.

Again, these are just guidelines and it all depends on the reach of your child’s arms.

Go Online for Lessons & Inspiration
Once you get one of these, checkout YouTube for guitar lessons, and also to see several young guitar heroes playing on 3/4 guitars. You’ll be amazed at their playing and the quality of the guitar sound.

Buying Options

By providing your child the right size guitar, he/she stands a better chance of imbibing the correct guitar-playing techniques and also becoming a good guitar player.

Guitar playing becomes easier, fun, and much faster.

You have several options in terms of colors, such as pink, trans blue, and sunburst.

The features on most of these guitars include quality pickups, tremolo bridge, solid body, one-piece neck, tone and volume controls.

Checkout more electric guitars here.

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