12 String Guitar Reviews

12-String GuideReviews of the best 12-String Guitars that we highly recommend, are rich sounding and also great looking. The best acoustic, electric and acoustic-electric guitars with 12 strings, that are indeed worthy investments.

Martin D12X1AE 12-String Dreadnought Acoustic Electric

The Martin D12X1AE acoustic-electric 12-string guitar is perfect for the advanced player, comes with built-in Fishman Sonitone electronics. Gives out warm, vintage, full, robust sound that can fill the room. Adds a modern flair to a vintage instrument.

Epiphone-DR-212 12-string acoustic guitar

Epiphone DR-212 12-String Acoustic Guitar

For the price it is a pure bargain. The sound is great, and the action is pretty good for a 12 string.

25.5 scale, Mahogany body, Select Spruce top.

Ovation Celebrity CC245 12-string Acoustic-electric Guitar

Ovation Celebrity CC245 12-string Acoustic-electric Guitar

Looking for a beautiful guitar sound? This one sounds like a dream and clearly is on a different plain compared to six string guitars. Spruce Top, Center Soundhole, Mid-Depth Cutaway.

Dean BOCA 12 String Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar

The Dean Boca 12-String Electric Guitar features a semi-hollow body with arched top, dual humbuckers, Grover tuners, adjustable bridge with stop bar tailpiece, and rosewood fretboard with dot markers. Its great for that jangly classic rock sound.

Danelectro 12SDC 12-String Electric Guitar

Danelectro 12SDC 12-String Electric Guitar

Cool guitar for the price. Looks good, good build quality, and sounds beautiful.

Nut width: 1-3/4″, Scale length: 25″ (635mm), light nickel wound strings.

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