12-String Guitar Guide

12-String GuideThe Twelve String Guitar is usually a natural progression for most guitar players, who graduate from being a beginner to an intermediate or expert guitar player. This is because a twelve string guitar produce a much richer tone than your standard six-string guitar, and makes your guitar sounds a lot better (because there are two strings on each course).

Types of 12-String Guitars

Here you get the usual variants of guitars, just the number of strings are 12.

  • 12-String Acoustic Guitar
  • Twelve String Acoustic-Electric Guitar
  • Electric 12 String Guitar
  • Bass 12 String Guitar
  • Vintage 12 String Guitar
  • Left Handed 12 String Guitar

These guitars have a much richer tone and have a natural chorus effect in part because of differences in tone produced by the sets of two strings on each course.

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How To Tune a 12 String Guitar

Initially, those six extra tuning pegs on a 12-string can seem intimidating, but tuning it becomes easier once you learn how to do it. Besides, its very likely that you already know how to tune a 6-string guitar (usually the first instrument for many).

Both instruments are usually tuned to the same E tuning. The only difference is that the 12-string guitar has pairs of the same note strings (instead of 6 single ones). Also, depending on the guitar, some string pairs are tuned to the same note while others are in different octaves.

So for example, on a 12-string acoustic guitar, in the bass course, the strings are tuned an octave apart, whereas the strings in the treble course are tuned in unison. The strings on the third course can be either in unison or an octave apart depending on the musician.

Watch: How to tune a 12-string guiatr

How To Play a 12-String Guitar

Its not difficult at all; its just like playing the usual guitar. The only difference is that when you play a cord, you’re actually pressing two strings at once, thus making the overall tone produced sound better.

Watch: How to play a 12-string guiatr

Buying a 12 String Guitar

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