10 Youtube Videos to Help You Learn to Play Piano

Have you recently got a new music keyboard or piano, and want to try out a few music lessons or even a few simple songs before you get a full time teacher? These YouTube videos should will give you a jump start, especially if you’re trying to figure it out on your own.


There are many who feel that something that is FREE is probably not worthwhile, but there’s a lot that you can learn just by watching others play.

So in case you’re struggling to get started on your new piano, go through these tutorials. Here we go:

Learn the Basics in under 10 Minutes

Have 10 minutes to spare on this weekend? Or after work? This video gives you all the basic information you will need to start playing the piano (Even Ryan Gosling learnt the piano in only three months for La La Land).

If you always wanted to play the piano, you should check this video out. All you need is a keyboard – which doesn’t cost much nowadays.

Watch: Learn how to play songs on the piano in under 8 Minutes

Basic Piano Notes

In case you have not yet figured it out, here’s the names of the basic notes on a piano keyboard.

Piano Chart explains the various Notes on Piano Keyboard
Learn all about Grand Staff, Ledger Lines, Clefs

Basic Piano Chords

Here’s how to construct a chord/triad and how to use it.

More on how to play chords on the piano

How to Play the Blues Scale on the Piano Keyboard

The blues scale is the basis of most improvising techniques. Here’s how to play it.

How to play blues piano

How to Play Trance/ Techno on Keyboard

Basics of how to play trance/techno without needing any music sheet/score.

Intermediate Blues Lick for C7 F7 Chords

If you are comfortable playing the above, here’s a blues lick to include in your repertoire.

2-5-1 Chord Progression

Here’s how most songs usually end…a very popular chord progression.

Using Seventh Chords

Though most chord progressions can be played using triads, using a seventh chord makes the progression sound better. Here’s how to play the seventh chords.

Improvising Using the Chromatic Scale

Here’s how you can use the chromatic scale to add variety to your piano playing.

Jordan Rudess – Keyboard Wizardry

This is a little excerpt from his Keyboard Wizardry DVD. You’ll get an idea of how some pros can play.

Jarrod Radnich – Another Incredible Piano Solo

Here’s another video to inspire you. Watch Jarrod Radnich performing the pirates of the Caribbean on the piano.


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