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New Music Software to Help Music Producers Manipulate Sounds More Intuitively

A new software that was demonstrated at the British Science Festival recently hopes to make it easy [...]
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Pro Tools

Guide to Pro Tools: Considered by many as one of the most comprehensive digital audio workstation p[...]
Folding Music Stand

Folding Music Stand

Folding Music Stand for Sheet Music   A Folding music stand for sheet music lets you save space[...]
Yamaha YDP-S51 Arius Digital Piano

Yamaha YDP-S51 Arius Digital Piano

Here's a complete review of Yamaha YDP-S51 Arius Digital Piano. Yamaha pianos are known for their [...]
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Piano Keyboard Headphones for Silent Practice & Studio Use

Find a wide selection of Digital Piano Keyboard Headphones which can be used with any digital piano [...]

Guide: Musical Instruments, Recording Equipment

This Guide is basically a series of articles that explains you about the various musical instruments, how to select the appropriate ones for the right purpose, and also explains everything about modern music technology and studio music production.

Bass Guitar Types

Bass Guitar Guide

  • Guitar Basics

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