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In recent years, technological developments have made the musical instruments lighter and more affordable, although the professional ones do tend to be expensive. Also, electronic instruments are becoming more popular, because of their affordability, ease of use, and their ability to integrate with the digital world, which helps the users to explore several possibilities.

However, the importance of acoustic instruments still remains intact, with professional musicians continuing to use top-of-the line acoustic musical instruments for performances and recordings. Most schools continue to use acoustic music/band instruments to introduce children to music.

Its also a great time to create and record your own music. Wannabe composers can build their own home studio without having to burn a big hole in their pockets, and can produce top notch music right from the comfort of their own homes (obviously it requires lot of experience to use the various recording gear to create great music).

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Guide: Musical Instruments, Recording Equipment

Music & Musical instruments are an important and almost universal component of the human culture, across the globe. For ages, Musical instruments have been used, and are also currently used for a variety of purposes, be it for entertainment, for accompaniment of dances, for rituals, and even as part of medicine. The more popular types of musical instruments, categorised on the basis of how the sound is produced, are percussion, stringed, keyboard, wind, and electronic.

This Guide is basically a series of articles that explains you about the various musical instruments, how to select the appropriate ones for the right purpose, and also explains everything about modern music technology and studio music production.

Keyboard Buying Guide

This is where you find everything about keyboard instruments. Read about the various types of keyboard instruments, what to look for before buying, the popular brands, series and models, how to play, and lot more.

buy piano keyboard
Keyboard Buying Guide

Guitar Buying Guide

Bass Guitar Buying Guide

Bass Guitar Types

Recording / Computer Production

Beginners Music

Musical Instruments Review Site & Store

Browse through our huge selection of guitars, keyboards, basses, amps, drums, stringed instruments, band & orchestra, DJ gear, and more to select the perfect music instrument.

Want to start recording? You can check out the latest recording equipment, from microphones to monitors and audio interfaces to DAW software. Want to perform live? Read more on power amps, speakers, and cables to take care of your live sound. You may also pick up some pro lighting effects for your next gig.

Need accessories for your instrument? You can pick up strings, sticks, reeds, picks, pedals, stands, benches, tuners, or anything else you might need from our huge selection.

Parents can checkout the fun kids’ musical instruments that are designed to get kids started at a young age, and also to make music more fun for the little ones.

Whatever your musical goal — performing, recording, DJing, learning violin, teaching music, sightreading — KeytarHQ has you covered.

Check out top deals, gift ideas, best-selling gear, and featured brands such as Fender, Gibson, Line 6, Pearl, M-Audio, Avid, Shure Microphones, Zildjian, Sabian, Peavey, Epiphone, Yamaha, Casio, and hundreds more.

To help you make the right choice, you can read our detailed reviews of musical instruments.

This is your one stop solution for all your musical instruments needs. You’ll aslo find music instruction books and learning software for keyboards, guitar, violin, drums, and othe rmusical instruments, that teaches you topics ranging from basic to the more advanced. Besides individuals, music schools, churches, music bands can also order their instruments on our site.

On KeytarHQ, you’ll also find that latest news and information from the music industry. We have a huge fan following on RSS, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and right here on

A very popular musical instrument, Guitars are available in various types such as electric, bass, acoustic and classical guitars. This section also includes complete guitar kits that include guitar polish, microfiber cleaning cloth, strings, string cleaner, picks, winder, cutters and Allen keys. You will find guitars of all styles like those with active or passive pickups, steel string guitars, left-handed guitars, and beginner’s kits. You’ll also find a wide range of guitar accessories such as guitar cases, replacement parts, strings, tuners, picks, stands, amp accessories and capos.

Piano & Keyboards
Another popular musical instrument is the musical keyboard. The various variants include digital pianos, keyboards and synthesizers that are available in various styles/features. Find the perfect electronic keyboard for you from midi, portable, full-size and mini models. Our pianos are available with features such as weighted keys, hammer action. Keyboard controllers are available in various sizes with several featuresincluding built-in USB interface.

Drums & Percussions
Drum up your musical skills with the right set of drums and percussions. We house a range of drum sets starting from 3-piece to large 12-peice sets for juniors, beginners as well as professionals. You will also find drums accessories such as wood tip drumsticks, drumstick stand, microphone stands, drum stool, drum keys, damper pads, cymbal felts, snares, drum bags and drum heads.

Wind Instruments
Whether you are in search of woodwinds or brasswinds, you are sure to find what you want here! We have a huge selection of wind instruments like flutes, trumpets and nadaswaram in a variety of styles and sizes.

Speakers are an integral part of recording studio or a DJ’s setup. Here, you’ll find a range of speakers in different types, sizes and specifications to suit each individual’s needs. You may choose from wireless speakers to wired speakers to stereo speakers and tower speakers. You can also find speakers with subwoofers that offer thumping music performance.

Power Amplifiers
Power Amplifiers are must-haves for live performances and a vital item in a pro DJ’s equipment list. They offer enhanced power to offer great audio experience.

Microphones are a must-have for singers, for recording purposes and also for DJs. You will find a huge selection of microphones from well-known brands at great prices. You may choose from various types of Microphones such as dynamic microphones, USB microphones, camera microphones, retro-style microphones, condenser microphones and more. Choose the one that best suits your requirement.

Choose from a range of audio mixers or mixing consoles/desks. here, you can find both analog and digital mixers from popular brands like Yamaha that speaks of quality and reliability.

You may choose from various types of cables such as USB to Micro USB cables, adapter cables, antenna extension cables, video cable adapters, headset extension cables, power cords and more. These cables ensure no distortion, signal interference and signal loss.

So whatever your musical needs, you’ll find it here on KeytarHQ, an huge Musical Instruments Store. So start making some music right away!

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